About Us

At Radio31, we are committed to bringing you a 24/7 transmission of life-transforming messages by established men and women of God, knowledge-sharing sessions by seasoned experts on Health, Relationships, Career and Daily living and non-stop contemporary gospel music across several genres. At Radio31, we want everyone who tunes in to be aware they are loved, believe they can be and do better and be reminded of God’s assurance of a bright future
Welcome to our world, bringing good news to you all day every day!
Radio31 was initially instituted as a platform to share the gospel of Christ through the airwaves for a local parish in Aberdeen (The Fountain of Love Church) with the guiding

principle being to share a word of encouragement with anyone who needs it when they need it most. Expanding the scope of this objective to include the wider community is what has informed its growth and expansion into a community-based radio station with participation from members of the local community.
As a station, we would like to redefine media from being just a passive information-sharing medium to one that focuses on improving the lives of people as individuals, members of respective family units and communities through the love of Christ, music and the content of the messages we share.

Why Radio31

Ever wondered why we’re called Radio 31? The Radio comes from, well, being a Radio Station and the ‘31’ takes inspiration from the Holy Trinity – Three persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit in perfect Oneness. Now you know!


  • To produce original and inspiring programmes that encourage and entertain
  • To be your connection to positive news and developments in our host community and the world at large
  • To promote the concept of self-improvement in order to prevent or alleviate poverty
  • To promote and encourage community engagement, diversity and inclusion
  • To promote good health and general well-being for the whole person – physically, emotionally and psychologically
  • To promote local businesses or crafts by providing them with an affordable opportunity to be seen and heard
  • To promote all of the above within the context of the Christian faith


To be your one-stop shop and preferred radio station for gospel entertainment and life-changing messages